Risk Demystified
What businesses need to know when it comes to risk

Risk Management Fundamentals
The 5 essential best practices to scale using a risk lens 

Protect Your Numbers
How to approach finance risk correctly as you build out your business

Internal Controls Basics
Take your business operations from from vulnerable to protected with these key checkpoints

Secrets to Building Teams the Right Way 
5 vital checks to make when it comes to HR risk

Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a Culture that Lasts
Why culture risk cannot be ignored 

Be Proactive, Not Reactive When It Comes to Fraud
The 5 critical elements to address fraud risk 

Maximize Impact through Sustainability and Diversity 
Leverage environment, social and governance (ESG) risk effectively in your business

Optimize Your Processes
Level up your business with these 3 approaches to process risk


These workshop offerings have been curated to help founders build their business with the risk knowledge, tools and resources to make smart decisions in their business.

The workshops cover a range of risk topics, from strategic, financial and operational risks, to specific risks such as fraud, culture, and sustainability, all designed to unlock new levels and levers for long-term growth. 

Each workshop has a suggested timing (30-60min), however can be tailored based on audience, event type, and/or expanded to include interactive discussions or breakout sessions.

Please reach out for the detailed offerings page which further outlines the objectives, timing, etc!

Customized workshops Also available covering other risks or current events.

Recent Customized Workshops

How Business Owners Should Consider and Manage Risk

How to Build and Manage Your Numbers to Mitigate Financial Risk

How to Build Your Social Media Brand and Consider Risk

Don't Risk Your Growth
7 secrets to elevate your approach to networking, community-building and business growth


More courses coming in 2024.

Please reach out if you would like to be informed of future courses, or if you have any suggestions!

Customized course curriculum development Also available.