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Signature talks

This set of speaker offerings leverages my career and life experiences as a Latina professional, leader and entrepreneur, as well as current events and growth of the Latino population.

Each signature talk is 20-30 minutes, but can be extended to include an interactive discussion or breakout sessions for more in-depth conversations.

Also available for interview style, fireside chats or panel conversations.

Recent Customized Presentations

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Rosalie is a risk expert, speaker, and founder of Portecua Consulting, a woman and Latina-owned boutique consulting firm, where she empowers entrepreneurs & small business owners to take control of their risks and build beautiful businesses that are protected, optimized and well-positioned for growth. She has over 13 years of experience working in risk management, strategy and operations, finances, audit, and transformation, as well as driving change and advocating for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within her teams, enterprise-wide initiatives & ERGs. 

Rosalie is on a mission to create safe spaces for all of us to grow, to be represented, and to build generational wealth. She envisions a future where we are all empowered with the risk mindset, strategies and tactics to elevate our businesses, careers and communities.

Rosalie holds dual degrees in Business Administration and Latin American Studies from UC Berkeley, as well as a CPA and CIA. She is a Bay Area native and a proud Portuguese-Ecuadorian-American, who currently resides in New York City, and enjoys experiencing life through travel, food and tennis, and with her rescue dog Kira. 

Rosalie's Bio